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PGSRI Providers

If you are interested in becoming a part of our provider network, please contact the Program Director Tawny Solmere at 401-383-0301 or email her at for more information.

Beth Lewis LMHC, PhD: Cranston, RI  (401) 569-6369


Beth has over 25 years of experience working with people who are unable to live the life they want because of addictions, substances, trauma, anxiety, bipolar illness or depression. No matter what is getting in your way, she is here to assist you in continuing to move forward successfully.

Cheryl Andrade LMHC, LCDP, CAS: East Providence/Rumford, RI (401) 383-8349


Cheryl specializes in individual, couple's and family counseling, treatment is focused on supporting individuals while aiding in the identification of beliefs and behaviors that impede healthy functioning. Areas addressed in treatment include but are not limited to depression, anxiety, substance abuse, trauma, gambling and marital issues.


Maria Sorensen MA, LCDP, SAP : North Kingstown, RI (401) 932-8620


Maria practices counseling and addiction therapy in North Kingstown, RI and Newport, RI. Her areas of expertise include the following: alcohol abuse, academic concerns, and chronic relapse.

Marty Madden LCDP, NCGCII, SAP (Bridgemark): Warwick, RI (401) 781-2700

Marty is a certified gambling counselor and a former member of the Rhode Island Council on Problem Gambling. 

Karen Oatley MA, CAGS, LMHC : Newport, RI  (401) 257-6273


Sometimes a simple change in the way we think or approach things leads to the happiness and fulfillment we search for. Other times it's an emotional wound that has touched our core that we need to recover from. I provide a relationship-based therapy which focuses on the strengths present within all of us. Using this approach, I will help you overcome obstacles that keep you stuck and unfulfilled.

The change process is easier and longer lasting when we feel supported and whether you want to make specific, measurable changes over a brief period of time or you want to explore personal growth issues in a process of self-discovery, I welcome the opportunity to help you.


Janet Barry Rogers LCDP, LCDCS, CSAC, CCJP, CBIF: Lincoln, RI (508) 840-9447


Janet is a Nationally Certified Gambling Counselor who has been working to educate youths and their families about life’s more prevalent stressors that are experienced all too often.  She has worked in homes, schools, hospitals, and behavioral healthcare facilities, as well as the criminal justice system.  In addition, her work has included focusing on guidance and intervention for the perpetrators of domestic violence and abuse.  The correlations between financial abuse and gambling, substance use and gambling problems, and high risk individuals and gambling issues are indicators of how individuals seek gratification and/or satisfaction in the form of gambling or other addictive and potentially abusive behaviors.

Jamie Williams, PhD, LMHC, LCDP, CCJP: Providence, RI (401) 273-2386

Dr. Williams is trained in addictions therapy, including working with gambling disorders. His practice, "healing Therapy Services" is located in Providence. 


CODAC Providers in Cranston, Providence, East Providence, South County, and Newport


CODAC, a non-profit organization based in Cranston, Rhode Island, has provided treatment, recovery and prevention services to individuals, families and communities for almost 40 years.  With five convenient locations, CODAC is uniquely positioned to provide a wide range of outpatient recovery, treatment and prevention services to those struggling with the challenges of substance abuse, gambling disorders, behavioral healthcare issues, and other addictive or abusive behaviors.  CODAC emphasizes compassionate, personalized and supportive programming.


Tawny Solmere MA, LCDP, LCDS, CCDP-D, NCGC: Cranston CODAC (401) 275-5039

Tawny has been active in the addictions field for over 25 years. She is a master’s level counselor and a clinical supervisor.  The correlation among gambling patterns, substance use, and mental health symptoms is complex and needs to be treated on a holistic level.  As a clinician who has worked in many settings over the years, Tawny combines a cognitive behavioral, client-centered, directive approach.  It has been her experience that people entering treatment suffer from underlying, and oftentimes generational issues, which require cognitive restructuring and skills development over a period of time. Tawny has been the director of PGSRI for two years.



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